Introducing… “Bubbys”

Monday 19 August

After a late-ish brekkie this morning, we jumped in a taxi to Kuta – I’d heard there were some good optical stores there, and Craig has been desperately in need of some prescription sunnies, and due new frames for his day to day glasses as well.

The taxi from Seminyak took around 20 minutes, and was an interesting ride via Legian – quite quickly I could see the difference between Seminyak and these area – someone mentioned that Kuta is more like Patong in Phuket, and I think that’s reasonably spot on – Seminyak seems to have a lot more upmarket looking stores, and nice restaurants, whereas Kuta has more markets and things like that.

First up we went right to the optical shop, Honeyboy’s (I didn’t ask where the name came from). It was a tiny store tucked away on a quiet(ish) street, but clearly not short on customers. Due to being so small, we danced around the constant stream of other customers while we tried on frames. We picked what we wanted, I handed over my script, and Craig had his eyes tested – weirdly, the owner used some sort of machine that Craig looked into and it spat out his script- no “1 or 2, 1 or 2?”… we’re intrigued to know how it works, but work it definitely did. We’re not sure whether we should have bartered the price down more, but have paid 3M RP (so $300 approx.) for the three pairs – Craig’s are usually very expensive due to having a different astigmatism in each eye (aka he’s almost as blind as a bat), so it did seem very cheap for the type of frames we got as well. We paid a deposit which, strangely, we were allowed to choose the amount for (we choose 100K RP, so $10.00), and they’ll be delivered to our villa tomorrow afternoon, so that’s pretty exciting.

After sorting out the glasses, we thought we’d pop across the road and check out the beach which looked incredibly inviting… unfortunately we were absolutely bombarded with locals peddling their wares – sarongs, friendship bracelets, massage services, braiding services… it was immediately too much for us and we crossed the street again right away and decided to stop at a restaurant with a bit of a view out to the beach, and had a drink each and a pizza for lunch – Jessie was loving climbing all over the comfy furniture and watching the people walking by (we were still getting people hounding us to buy things from the street). Unfortunately I think I got duped when it came time to pay the bill – the waiter “didn’t know how to work the system properly yet, and accidentally left off my cocktail, and could I pay this amount”, which I did but afterwards I thought, I’m sure my cocktail wasn’t worth that much… so I’d say he pocketed that.

Big piña colada for mum, little piña colada for Jess

After eating, we thought we’d hit one of Kuta’s shopping malls… something that Seminyak doesn’t really have… still holding out hope that we might find a replacement bunny for Jessie – we didn’t find one (Jelly Cat – potential market for you in Bali!!), but we did pick something up… the only soft and smallish looking toy we could find, and Jessie has named it Bubbys. She immediately cuddled it and patted its back, so we thought that was a good sign. It’s actually a rip-off Marvel mobile phone holder, but hey, whatever gets us home without tears, right?!

Jessie and “Bubbys”

We walked around the mall until Jessie fell asleep in the pram, and went to see if we could get a foot massage each while she slept… no go, so instead we ended up at a bar with a gorgeous view out to sea and looking at Denpasar’s landing strip – quite an interesting watch. With a Bintang in hand each, we enjoyed some peace for maybe 15 minutes before Jessie woke up again – slightly disappointing, but we decided to make up for that when we got back by heading over to the wellness centre and arranging in-villa massages for tomorrow night, an hour after Jessie’s bedtime, so with a bit of luck, we can make that work.

I think tomorrow we will have a proper beach day, if we can find a nice spot that isn’t managed by a beach club.

See you soon!

❤ Laus

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