Fiji Baby!

2008Tuesday 11 November, 2008 – Nadi, Fiji

On check in at Auckland International, I discovered that Dana and Matt were both actually close to my age, and really lovely. Phew!!

Luckily the flight to Nadi was with Air NZ, so while I was freaking out during take-off, between a concerned Flight Centre agent and a seemingly ignorant House of Travel agent, I managed to distract myself for most of the flight with Air NZ’s in-seat entertainment system (if only all planes had that).

Exiting the plane at Nadi International felt like walking into a dishwasher after it’s just finished it’s cycle. It was my fourth visit to Fiji, but you never get used to that initial heat hitting you. After a bit of a muck up with the transfers, we were on our way to Shangrila’s Fijiian Resort and Spa, which was to be our accommodation for the night. The Manager met us with cocktails in coconuts. YUM. We did an inspection of the hotel on a golf buggy, which is MAHUSSIVE by the way, and then they showed us to our room. They must have reeeally wanted to impress us because we had our own rooms and they were amaaaazing. The most comfy bed I’ve ever slept in. There was a plate of chocolates and cookies waiting on the desk, and when my luggage arrived at my room it also arrived with a gift from the resort… an assortment of Fiji Pure products (apparently very good stuff) from their beauty spa. We got the afternoon to ourselves to swim in the pool, sun bathe…whatever we wanted really. Awesome. That evening Tourism Fiji (Fiji Me) shouted us dinner and cocktails while listening to the Fijiian band. Wow.

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