Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Monday 12 September, 2011 – Langkawi, Malaysia

Ok, maybe not lions, tigers, and bears… more like wild boar, snakes and monkeys.

Langkawi (The Jewel of Kedah) is an island off the north-western coast of Malaysia, in the Andaman sea… a 45 minute ferry ride from Thailand.

The island to me, is the definition of serenity, romance, and beauty. Not only in it’s physical form, which is a beautiful rainforest setting outlined by tropical beaches, but also in the locals. So far in my travels, I have never met such genuine, lovely and hospitable people.

Meeghan and I stayed at The Datai resort, which unfortunately I didn’t realise is one of the most isolated resorts, being a 40 minute taxi ride from the airport. However, it allowed us to see most of the island on the ride there AND it is on many top luxury hotel lists in the world.




On arriving at The Datai, I instantly realised that this is the place to go for honeymooners, and romantics in general.. the setting is a gorgeous, large resort surrounded by tropical rainforest. As we were given our welcome cocktails and shown to a seat in the lobby, overlooking one of the pools, and offering a glimpse of the sea through the towering trees; I noticed (aside from the staff) that there was nobody else in sight.. definitely honeymooners ;-).

We only stayed in Langkawi for one night (which consisted of sunbathing, cocktails, delicious food, and massages), which is a real shame because I can honestly say it is one of my favourite places so far. I definitely hope to go back, and next time I will have more to say about it.


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