Play Melbourne

Monday 21 May, 2012 – Melbourne, Australia

Yet another early start today, we walked down to Manchester Press.. a gorgeous wee cafe down a lane way I certainly wouldn’t have even looked down before my day exploring Melbourne! On one corner there was a outdoor equipment shop, and on the other just a brick building. It almost looked dodgy down there. The cafe itself was really funky with crazy art on the walls, plants growing in some kind of acid on the table, and cocopops on the menu.

After brekkie myself and three other girls went of the explore the laneways, docklands and a rooftop bar (hot cinnamon cider is amazing on a freezing day!). I can never get over how amazing Melbourne is – down every laneway you look there are cute wee cafes, street art and shops. Nothing is conformist in Melbourne and you can get away with dressing like an absolute idiot without anyone looking twice at you.

Tonight we had dinner on the restaurant tram – 5 courses including a kangaroo entree an interesting texture, not sure if I really like it or not. I highly recommend doing this though, the host (Joe) is constantly filling up your glass of Shiraz and if you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself singing along with him to songs by the Jersey Boys.

I was feeling pretty sleepy by the time I got on the tram back to the Sebel, but was quickly woken up by some nutter chasing us into the hotel with his ‘gun’ (which was actually him holding his fingers together like he was in Charlie’s Angels).

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