Wide Awake and Ordering Noodles on Cathay Pacific

Thursday 08 August, 2013 – Hong Kong 

After boarding the Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong, and getting settled in the very last row seat (which actually was quite nice – I liked not having anyone sitting behind me, and I have myself convinced this is the safest part of the plane), I took my fear of flying drugs, introduced myself to my neighbor (another travel agent) and got myself ready to watch some movies. God knows why but I ended up watching Amadeus, an old (and pretty terrible, though Academy Award winning) movie about the young Mozart. I didn’t really sleep on the flight at all, but I have to say I did enjoy the neck rest I had borrowed from my friend Rachel – I will never travel without one of these again!

On arrival in Hong Kong, we boarded a bus to take us to our hotel (Marco Polo) in Kowloon.. I know our tour guide, Anna, said some funny and some informative things about Hong Kong, but if I’m honest, I was so tired that I couldn’t really remember any of it.

Checking into the hotel, I found my rooming buddy, Kylie (who is from a different office within our company), and we went up to our 16th floor room. The bedding was interesting – twin share is just a king bed split, but very, very close together. It was fine once we were in bed though. The view over the harbour from the 16th floor was absolutely stunning.

A good night sleep was much needed, and went down well.. especially with a sleep in until about 10.00am!

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