Onion to change your mind!!!

Sunday October 12th 2014 – Paris, France

This morning was an early start, but a late departure as I received at text from Jarrod very early on to say he was outside and couldn’t get in, bleary eyed I made my way down the five flights of stairs to let him in. He was absolutely buggered after a hard night catching up with his mate, so he went to sleep for a couple of hours, and we left the apartment around 10.30am and made our way down Champs Élysées, stopping to check out a cool dance crew having a bit of a dance off, before checking out the Arc De Triomphe. It’s quite strange how the lights stay green only very very briefly when you’re crossing the road… I don’t understand this at all, but I’m yet to be hit by a car, so that’s fine!

Today there was some kind of marathon going on in Paris, which was really cool as there were brass bands and things set up along the Seine, for a bit of encouragement, however as it started and ended at the Eiffel Tower, things were very very busy down there


Jarrod had already been up the tower with Dragan yesterday, so Fiona and I went up without him , and he waited in the rain (it rained all day long) with his umbrella. Fortunately the lines weren’t too bad and we managed to get right up the top – I’m not going to lie, my hands were sweating a bit going up that elevator… It’s a bit freaky!!! After this, we headed home for a nap before dinner – I know, it sounds like we’re not doing a lot, but we’re covering quite a lot of ground walking everywhere (I really realised this once we were up the Tower.
We stopped at a brilliant macaron shop on the way home, called Pierre Herme (apparently a famous baker), and I had thee most delicious passion fruit and chocolate macaron… just to die for.

Dinner tonight was at a nearby bistro, where I had the most amazing French Onion soup – I don’t even like onion!!!!
The waitress was really lovely, and put up with our broken French… even complimenting us. I think it’s really cute how people sit side by side at the restaurants here, rather than facing each other (when seated outside).. They’re just sitting there people watching, taking everything in.

Tomorrow will be The Louvre and Sacre Coer, and then the main attractions will be done… Time is going fast!!

Bonsoir!! Xxx

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