It is True What They Say…

Thursday 13 October, 2014 – New York, United States of America

… the big lights do inspire you.

From quaint streets and quietly spoken French to bright lights and loud American-English… there is no doubt that we are now in New York, New York.

It was a dark arrival into New York last night, and the skyline appeared as an eerie silhouette as we made our way in by airport bus (driven by a very assertive African-American man). The ride in took at least an hour, which made it about midnight London time, but through my tiredness and Lorazepam haze (for fear of flying), I was still wowed by the glitzy lights of Times Square. Our apartment is in a great location, basically in Times Square… tiny, hot, and noisy but the location definitely outweighs all of this. I know from experience with booking for my clients, that you don’t get a lot of bang for your buck in New York, so this was a good find on Fiona’s part.
Jarrod looking freshly groomed!

We woke up to pouring rain this morning…absolutely bucketing! We took this opportunity to get some shopping out of the way, which I went a bit crazy with at Sephora and MAC – it was a good call making lists prior to coming. MAC was fascinating, as all their staff were male, and man did they know what they were talking about. There was a very illuminated, large, flamboyant looking man pushing in front of me, demanding the attention of the man seeing to me (as well as several others – very efficient). He was making sure the whole shop knew that he was on his way to Berlin to play Dusty Springfield.

True to Jarrod’s promise to his lady, we stopped at Starbucks (sorry coffee fanatics) for a Spiced Pumpkin Latte.. It tasted like pumpkin soup for the first couple of sips, and then just a very milky coffee… Oh well, I got enough of a caffeine hit to make me function for the day.
After this we stopped at a barbershop to get Jarrod a haircut (much needed, as he was starting to look a bit like Goku), and the lovely Russian lady who worked there by herself did a great job!!

Much to Fiona’s delight, we found some more squirrels in Madison Park… These ones were a lot friendlier than the ones in Hyde Park… I suppose the ones in Hyde Park are paying a higher rent and/or they know Kate Middleton personally.They were very cute wee guys, and I actually managed to get a decent picture!


On our way back to the apartment to drop of shopping, we swing by the original Magnolia Bakery, which appeared many a time in Spin City and Sex in the City. I had an excellent salted caramel cookie… lucky it’s not that close to our accomm, or I’d be back for more of those!!


This evening we went to Broadway and saw Les Mis – WOW!! I loved the production that my highschool did, and I loved the movie enough to watch it three times, but this was just amazing… I actually had tears in my eyes. The final act with the whole cast singing Do You Hear The People Sing was just as powerful as I have always imagined it would be. I’m sure they get a standing ovation every night.

Les Mis

Well, it’s past midnight and like a nana, I’m ready for bed! Watch this space for tomorrow’s blog!

Goodnight xxx

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