Day Five – Don’t make me leave!!!

Friday 22 May 2015 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I’m sitting in Bangkok Airport writing this during my transit, as I did fall asleep last night (even though I was hoping to stay up all night). But just to fill you in on my final day in Dubai…. I woke up and spent the morning in my room at the Burj – I did get offered to take someone else’s place on the Dolphin Encounter, but I preferred to stay and enjoy my $3000 room. When I checked out with my butler (yes, every floor has a butler) at 12pm, the general manager came up to me with a beautiful bouquet of roses. She wanted to apologise for my getting a fright when someone happened with the lights…. I didn’t even notice!! I know two maintenance men came in to look at something. I felt quite embarrassed and awkward, but it was a very sweet gesture.
After checking out from the Burj, those of us who didn’t do the Dolphins were transferred over to the Park Hyatt. We did a quick site inspection there (I really love this hotel), and then there was free time until 5.30pm

Flowers from the Burj


I went over to Deira Mall (which is just across the road; a man in a wee convertible Bentley drives you to the end of the drive) for some lunch with one of the guys. I considered shopping, but I just didn’t have it in me – the last couple of days had been quite humid, so it was fatiguing me a little. After the mall I went back to my room, grabbed a Pepsi out of the minibar (which one of the guys reckoned was included in the room), and sunbathed on my balcony (making sure not to put my foot on the concrete where the sun was, ’cause daaaaayam that was hot).
At 5.30pm we were to meet in the lobby to transfer to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, for sunset drinks (at the highest restaurant in the world). We went through the Armani Hotel entrance (which everyone says is very/too masculine but I think it is in a very sophisticated way (staff all wearing tailored suits), dark hardwoods, musky scents, and up the elevator to floor 121 – ATmosphere restaurant. Just like the hotel, ATmosphere is very sophisticated and trendy – I would imagine the drinks and food are quite pricey, though I’m not sure because it was paid for already so we had a special menu. It was a beautiful spot to sit and watch the sunset from a great height.
For dinner, we went back to the Hyatt to dine in their award winning French fine dining restaurant, Traiteur. We got to the table, and it was set up with packages on each place with our names on them; inside was a gorgeous gold framed Arabic calligraphy, and each one read our individual names (I’ve included a picture of this). It was very very special, and a lovely way to end such an amazing trip. There were multiple courses of food and we enjoyed the rest of the night chatting about the trip before saying goodbye at the end of the evening (we all had early flights home, particularly the SA two who had to head to the airport at 11pm), including showing all of our selfies with our over-bed mirrors at the Burj

Sunset at ATmosphere

At 4am I got up, showered and got my bag all sorted before heading down to the lobby for my transfer. One of our lovely guides from Arabian Adventures accompanied me right to the check in counter and she was extremely helpful! Once I was through security, I discovered just how hectic Dubai Airport really is…  There were people EVERYWHERE… I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else… Even the Low Cost Carrier airport in Kuala Lumpur seemed tame in comparison. I had a quick look around, bought a couple of things with my remaining Dirham, and tried unsuccessfully to find a seat…. I sat on the floor. Thank goodness boarding opened up early and I couldn’t get on the plane quick enough. I was on the Boeing home, via Bangkok and Sydney… This seems like a long trip but in actual fact, due to connection times, it’s about the same travel time.

I didn’t really sleep on the flight to Bangkok, as it is a daytime flight – as I’m now at home finishing this entry off a week later, I can’t really remember what I did on this flight, but I know I discovered that the business class seats have a massage mode!!! Amazing!!!
Arriving into Bangkok I felt quite rushed… I find Suvarnabhumi International Airport quite the maze – it’s a very funny layout and not easy to get through if you’re in a rush (which I found out last time I travelled home from Phuket). Anyway, after what felt like about 50 travelators, and another 50 flights of stairs, I managed to find my gate and sat down for a while and started to write this entry. (All this to get back on the same plane!!!).
I don’t remember getting back on the plane, but I believe I slept through most of this flight, which was great. By the time I got back on the plane in Sydney (after accidentally using the male facilities and losing a $45 MAC lipstick I’d just bought at Dubai Airport), I pretty much went straight to sleep as soon as the seatbelt sign went off, and I woke up 40 minutes before landing in Christchurch.
I’m glad to be home, but this was most definitely the trip of a lifetime and one I’ll never forget.

Thank you to Emirates and the Dubai Tourism Commission.

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