One Day We’ll Laugh… Maybe

Friday 25 September, 2015 – Phuket, Thailand


Well, we had a really lovely week in Khao Lak, and I’m now sitting in Phuket Airport waiting for our flight back to Bangkok and then on to Christchurch. While I’m waiting, I just thought I’d do a quick final blog.

There isn’t a lot to report, as the last few days have really just been about relaxing… Eating, sleeping, massages, sunbathing – just what the doctor ordered! We did have an eventful last night at the Pullman however!! Craig decided for our last night we should do something nice, and arranged for us to have private dining on the beach, and we were really looking forward to it! In the afternoon it started raining, so I thought I’d better check if our dinner had been moved to somewhere with shelter… It had, but just to under a wee hut which still looked out to the beach. We headed down there around 6, and the rain had stopped. They weren’t quite ready for us at this point, so we spent about five minutes with the wee elephant who had come out to say hi again – he was so cute, picking sand up in his trunk and throwing it over himself.  image

Once we were finished, we headed back to the hut and it looked beautiful! We took some photos, got some cocktails, the lovely waitress put some nice music on for us, and we got through our starters when suddenly this HUGE black cloud rolled over and within minutes there was torrential rain… We were getting soaked. They ended up moving us into one of the restaurants where we sat soaked with multiple small children screaming around us, and our moods well diffused. We couldn’t get through all the food, and really just wanted to go back to our villa. They did take off the cost of the setup (about $75), but we still paid about $300 for a dinner we pretty much could have had for free (included in our accommodation costs was the restaurant we moved to) so that was a bit of a down buzz, but never mind! Over all we had a really lovely holiday and we’re feeling relaxed (until Monday, I’m sure :))


Until next time! Xx ❤

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