I Must Have ‘Rob Me’ Written On My Head

Sunday 08 May 2016, Buenos Aires – Argentina 
Well, what an eventful day! We had a bit of a later start this morning, it was fantastic to catch up on some sleep (though it was still only six or so hours, after some of us went to a bar last night for a couple of drinks – less than $20 NZD for two cocktails… Pretty good!)

This morning we left the hotel around 11am and went to the famous San Telmo markets. A kilometre long, this market is definitely the best I’ve ever been to – you know how in South East Asia and the South Pacific Islands the stalls tend to all have the same products and it’s just about picking the seller who you’re able to best barter with? Well, these markets are mostly different products at each stall.. good quality things as well. They don’t barter here, which I think is great – it’s always a bit exhausting, I think! 

Unfortunately I did get pick pocketed at the market – I had a small handbag on across my body, with quite a thin strap and for a moment I was careless (I was carrying a heavy bag in one hand and was in a rush to get somewhere) and didn’t have my hand on the bag and some came along and snipped it from behind (I am assuming) and I suddenly realised it was gone. Did some backtracking but it was gone – my favourite bag, and it had $50 USD and my sunglasses that I absolutely loved.. So I’m a bit sad about it, but I could definitely be worse – I had my important things closer on my body, so rest of cash, credit card and passport all ok! 

I did buy a gorgeous brown leather jacket – leather here is ridiculously cheap – so I’m pretty happy with the that purchase! 

We had the afternoon to relax, and so a few of us went down the road (in Palermo) to find a beer and some food. We found a bar called Dean and Denny’s, which is attempting to be American but still has a bit of cool – subway tiles, I’m a sucker for some subway tiles. We really got our money’s worth and sat there for hours swapping hilarious travel tales. 
For dinner to tonight we went to a tango house called El Queradi. It was quite a cute set up – reasonably intimate, and nice decor. The food was outstanding and things that I’ve never heard of before – sundries tomato creme brûlée, things like that… Delicious. The show itself was quite cheesy, which isn’t really my style but I can appreciate the amazing skill of the dancers and the musicians. Of course, tango is something you absolutely have to experience in Argentina, but I would love to see it happening on the street. 

Another fun day, and still no rain (Mr Google was wrong). Off to Uruguay tomorrow, and excited to see what that’s all about! 

Laus ❤

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