Getting to Ubud

Saturday 10 August and Sunday 11 August

Just picking up from yesterday’s transport antics… we arrived at Denpasar airport in a wave of relief (though Jessie was excellent -very well behaved, and two sleeps… both at meal times… perfect), and excitement. We even got ushered into a special immigration line for families, which was amazing given the massive line for everyone else. We were met for our hotel transfer by the loveliest people I’ve ever come across, all who gave Jessie multiple high-fives (her favourite thing at the moment), which absolutely thrilled her. Little did we know, traffic on a Saturday afternoon during high season would be absolutely insane… next level jams. It took us just over three hours, in painfully slow moving traffic, to reach the resort, all made even better by Jessie doing yet another evening poop and with no option to change her until we got to the resort. It was 8.30pm by the time we finally arrived – 12.30am New Zealand time. We had booked to stay in a Club room, and so the check in involved a special process in the Club Lounge, all of which was a complete blur to me as I was so focussed on getting Jessie (and myself, to be honest) to bed. But the resort looked absolutely beautiful all lit up in the darkness, ans I had the best night sleep that I’ve had in ages, even with Jessie in the bed with us.

Jessie woke at 5am, which I didn’t think was too bad – still 9am NZT, but only eight hours sleep in total, so hopefully we can get that sorted in the next couple of days. Being up so early meant we got to experience the beautiful sunrise over the rainforest, and we were among the first to breakfast, which has an absolutely breathtaking view. I think one of my favourite things about holidaying in Asia is the amazing breakfast spread most resorts put on – everything from pastries, to the freshest and most sweet mango, to eggs any way you like them, to Nasu Goreng, and much much more. We tend to skip lunch because we eat soooo much breakfast… Craig is ultra paranoid about getting Bali Belly, so no water for us at breakfast though. Jessie had her standard toast “tooos” and rice bubbles.

Something Ubud resorts do well is a beautiful infinity pool looking into the rainforest, and the Padma is no exception – it is one of, if not the best resort pool I’ve experienced, and is complete with an in-pool bar. These pools are very popular with lovers of social media (myself included), and a lot of resorts tend to offer floating breakfasts in a private pool, and which is extremely photogenic… that might be something we do once we’re in our villa in Seminyak next week.

There are so many things to do around the resort – Jessie particularly loves feeding the koi, in the water around the lobby. Tomorrow or Tuesday we think we might look to book in a babysitter, as the staff are absolutely wonderful with kids… Jessie has taken to all of them already, and treat ourselves to some spa treatments.

We feel relaxed already.

More tomorrow!

Laus ❤

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