Seminyak, wow you’re hot

Thursday 15 August

Our last morning at the Padma, and of course the sun was shining beautifully – luckily we managed to squeeze in one last swim, and wander around the property.

Craig and Jessie headed up to the lounge to check out, and I popped back to our room briefly, and found five of the staff standing outside (God knows how long they’d been there) with a birthday cake, as they proceeded to sing to me. It’s always so awkward isn’t it – where do you look? It was so lovely though… they were all so happy to be doing it. I took my delicious chocolate cake back up to the lounge and Craig and I enjoyed it while Jessie was whisked away by her favourite member of staff, a lovely lady called Yuli… I think Yuli was genuinely sad to see Jessie go – she walked us to the lobby (quite a way from the lounge) and helped Jessie to feed the koi while we waited for our transfer (well, except for the brief moment where she was commandeered by a couple of Chinese ladies who couldn’t speak English, but wanted a photo with Jessie).

Our transfer took a long 2.5 hours of acceleration, deceleration, and being hard on the clutch, but at least there was air con this time. The guide asked if we wanted to stop at a coffee plantation, and I was bummed to say no (car sickness) – I’m quite keen to try Kopi Luwak (look it up if you’ve not watched The Bucket List).

When we arrived into Seminyak, the differences to Ubud were plenty – the main one being that it was incredibly hot in comparison... we were probably in the early twenties in Ubud, and this was more like early thirties. Phew!! On arrival at our new accommodation, The Maca Villas, we were greeted with a mini bouquet of frangipani, which smelled amazing, and some deliciously refreshing drinks. This accommodation is not a resort as such, but still has a lovely restaurant on site (which has free afternoon tea of some hot foods, cake, tea and coffee), a spa and wellness complex (across the road), and a nice pool area… the main reason we wanted a villa, rather than another resort, was to have our own pool this time – it will be nice to be able to pop Jessie down for her nap and jump in our private pool. Jessie tested it out with her inflatable duck, which she seemed to highly approve of.

We’re in a pretty good location in Seminyak – a popular area with nice restaurants, and slightly less of a party zone in comparison to Kuta… though in saying that, last night we were startled by fireworks being let off right next to our villa, we think in celebration of the full moon (which is a big deal here – the ladies all dress up for it). The beach is a 15 minute walk from us, and we’re surrounded by heaps of good restaurants – last night we went to one, just 700m down the road, to catch up with our friend who is here on her honeymoon – she had been bumped off her flight home (staff/family travel), so it was really nice to be able to see her before she goes, though her husband was struck down with Bali Belly and couldn’t make it (probably lucky not to be on the flight). We’ve got what feels like a full pharmacy with us, in case it hits us.

Not the best of photo angles

Exploring the area is next, and figuring out the best places to go and see with a toddler!

See you tomorrow!

Laus ❤

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