City of Sails – Thurs, 01 April 2021

Well hello friends! It has been a hot minute, hasn’t it?!

I think my last blog was about Bali… 19 months ago now. Well, I decided the time has come for something fresh! This Easter weekend, which also happens to fall on our wedding anniversary (double the reason to make the most and get away), we’ve come up north for a bit of exploring of an area we haven’t been before. We got into Auckland late tonight, after our flight was delayed due to the lovely stormy weather up here in the City of Sails, but we had a pleasantly uneventful flight, thank god… fear of flying is bad enough without the extra anxiety of having to answer a three year old’s questions each minute – I get it, don’t get me wrong, it’s very exciting for her and there are lots of things to ask about, but it’s just a bit trickier to keep my heart rate below 100 🤪

Anyway, that all went fine and our gal was pretty good considering it was wellllll past her bedtime! After picking up a rental, which had the wrong kind of car seat in it, and once we’d figured out the installation of the new one, we were on our way to Auckland CBD; along the way Jessie told us multiple times that she thinks this “white car” should come home with us – it’s an SUV, so a lot roomier than she’s used to with my little yellow Demio. Maybe one day, Jessie.

We’re staying at the Airedale Suites tonight – part of the Scenic Hotel Group, it’s one is their more luxury brands, and it’s really lovely – a very spacious room with two large TVs – one in front of our bed, and one opposite the sitting area, which is where the hotel have kindly put a very decent rollaway bed for Jessie, and it’s even behind a divider, so it’s like her own wee room. The views are great – our room looks right out to the Sky Tower. We’re staying tonight, checking out tomorrow and heading elsewhere for two nights, and then we’ll be coming back here for our final night.

So far so good, I think we’ll sleep well in this comfy bed, and I’m excited for the fun that tomorrow will bring.

Thanks for reading – I’m probably a bit rusty, but will get back into the swing of it in no time – stay tuned for more.

Laus ❤

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