Lizards and frogs

11 September 2022 – Nai Yang Beach, Phuket, Thailand

We all woke up early this morning, but I’m still impressed that we managed to get 8 hours’ sleep (normally Jessie gets about 11-11.5 hours, so it’s still less for her, but better than I expected).

We messed around for a bit and then went to breakfast at 7am – Jessie has been SO excited to have fresh mangoes and pancakes for breakfast, so the first thing we did was pile up a plate of all the tropical fruits… which she then refused to eat. I managed to coax her into trying the mango and the look on her face was of utter bliss. She then requested 7 pieces of mango with her pancakes and wanted to go back for more.

There’s nothing quite like a resort buffet breakfast, is there? It’s the only time I’d even consider having fried rice with my breakfast.

Our room has a child-size robe and some slippers too ❤

After brekkie Jessie wanted to go straight to the pool, so we were there first ones there at 8am and took with us her new robo fish that Craig had bought her (it swims in water) and she had maybe four hours of fun playing with that… I had a beaded necklace break so probably spent a quarter of that time threading tiny beads back together.

We did have a wee moment where I almost died of fright – I turned around in the pool and saw what I thought was a snake swimming from one side to the other, but then it climbed out and I realised it had legs and was just a lizard, but it was over two feet long!!!

So much jumping and bombing into the pool

Jessie and I went for a walk to see what the beach was like, and I have to say it’s looking a bit different to how I remember it – the resort used to have a space that was reserved and they would keep it clean and raked, and you could use a sun lounger and order drinks, but that’s all gone post covid, which is a bit sad. There are still other sun loungers you can pay to use, but at this time of the year (coming into monsoon season) the water is a little choppy anyway, so aside from heading to the beach for diner, we’ll probably keep our water play and lounging within the resort grounds. I was interested to note that nobody tried to sell me anything, and I’m intrigued to know whether that was because I had Jessie with me or not.

We discovered that the kids club here is free… how amazing is that!!! The activities are really cool and change daily, and jessie was so excited to go – I hadn’t planned on having her go on day one but she begged to, so she went down and they were doing doll painting, mask making, and bracelet making… super cute! Craig and I got to spend some time at the adults pool with the swim up bar… soooo good, and it was even happy hour!

Jessie also eats for free, so it’s really a great resort for families.

Even in Thailand you take the art home 😉

After such a massive day following on from travel day, Jessie was absolutely knackered and fell asleep in her seat at dinner (but not before she got to see a frog doing a wee, which was followed up with many many questions) before she even got to eat it (which the staff all found adorable and put extra cushions around her and a napkin over her as a blanket) – we carried her back to our room after we’d finished ours and she didn’t even wake when I put her in bed.

I’ll update again after we’ve been to see the elephants on Tuesday.

Have a great Monday everyone!

❤ Laus

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