Dunedin -‘it’s all riot here!’

Thursday 21 May, 2009 – Dunedin, New Zealand

With Dunedin having Scottish history (sister city Edinburgh!), we decided to stop at an Irish pub for breakfast…ok we got that a little wrong, but it was six bucks!!! There was nobody else there, which made it a little awkward with the one staff member standing behind the bar, just watching us. We gobbled up our brekkie and got out of there. It was a fantabulous day weather-wise, so we climbed the hills, or rather my car did – quite slowly – to get up to the peninsula. It’s an amazing view on a clear day. It’s kilometres of narrow, winding road with painted-on arrows to remind tourists which side of the road they need to be on (eek!), which eventually leads you to Larnach Castle – The only castle in New Zealand. Quite interesting to read the history of the Larnach family – it is quite expensive to go into the castle though, it will set you back around $35. We didn’t go that far, we got about three kilometres along the peninsula and stopped for that pretty view over the harbour (and also the view of a carcass in our case). It’s amazing in the day time – sparkling water for miles, but is possibly better at night when you can see the city all lit up and the shadow of the hills in the background.

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