Eel baskets, calabashes and kumara

Thursday 21 May, 2009 – Moeraki, New Zealand

Hitting the road at 5am is never preferable for me. Squint squint. So we were on the road, it was pitch black, Britt and Andrew were fast asleep. All of a sudden, I was swerving to avoid an imaginary pair of headlights that were aiming for me. Ha, that woke you up didn’t it ya little ****s!

The first two legs (Christchurch to Timaru and Timaru to Oamaru) are quite boring, straight roads. However, we survived and after a toilet stop at Oamaru, we enjoyed the coastal scenery the rest of the way to Moeraki. The Moeraki boulders must be a strange thing to see if you’ve never heard of them before. They’re clusters of different sized boulders that are almost perfect spheres…although a lot of the smaller ones are broken now. The Maori legend (yes, there is one for everything of eco-tourism importance), is that the boulders are the remains of eel baskets, calabashes and kumara washed ashore from the wreckage of a large canoe. Science says otherwise, but I won’t go into that because the words are just too technical, and lets be honest, I don’t understand them. At all.

Anyway, the visit to the boulders was nice. We frolicked on, around and in-between the boulders. A random dog joined in. There were big sticks, photos and sand. I think Brit really enjoyed it.


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