Arriving in Singapore, with the best intentions

Tuesday 13 September, 2011 – Singapore, Singapore

After two name calls over the intercom at both Christchurch Domestic Airport, and Auckland International Airport; Meeghan and I were both ready to settle into our ‘Business Class’ seats on our Jetstar flight from Auckland to Singapore. The best way to describe Jetstar’s business class is to say it is on par with Air New Zealand’s economy domestic flights before they got rid of meals. Ok, maybe that’s a little bit harsh. I can’t say I was able to see back into the economy section of the plane, but lets just say I would never book it. You get what you pay for, right? At least there was room to move in business class.

**11 hour flight. Met a Chinaman who works for Kapiti Ice Cream from Singpore. Sleeping time of zero hours, zero minutes and zero seconds. Panic time of approximately 20 minutes (convinced during ascent that plane was about to plummet backwards into Auckland Harbour – especially after they couldn’t get the front door to close)**

Arriving into Changi Airport, we decided we’d do things local style and catch the MRT (Although taxis are very cheap, which I can’t figure out as their petrol is approximately $2.00 per litre). We appeared to be the only tourists on the MRT, but it turned out the be incredibly user friendly and the stop we needed was right outside our hotel (Swissotel).

We had planned to go out for a drink or two on arrival, but we forgot how much 15 hours in transit takes it out of you. Straight to our asian style (almost as hard as sleeping on the floor) beds in our room with a gorgeous view.


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