I need to learn to read signs!

Tuesday 14 September, 2010 – Melbourne, Australia

Day Two in the big city!

Today I slept in until 10.30am today – I had trouble sleeping last night. It was nice to sleep in though. I got up and went straight to the gym for another Kettlebell workout!

I had intentions of finding my Aunty and Uncle in St Kilda today, but I asked the team at reception to look in the white pages for me, and I couldn’t find them. I’ll head out that way tomorrow though, I’m going to have coffee with my old flatmate who lives out there. Instead I shopped around again and had lunch at Nandos. I did get a really cool and original picture of Melbourne Central Station. I bought a ticket to the movies tonight and then headed over here to the internet cafe…where I had a moment…I put $20.00 in the machine without reading the sign, and then realised that it doesn’t give change. So I have 6 hours internet. Guess I’ll be doing my assignment tomorrow!!!

… unfortunately I didn’t finish the rest of this blog.

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