Got a Spare $6000??

Tuesday 21 February, 2012 – Toberua Island, Eastern Fiji Islands

Seeing the smiling faces on the jetty at Toberua Island, we knew this was going to be a great experience. As soon as we set foot on the sand, we had a cool minted facecloth in our hands.

The island has a total of 15 bures, each one is luxury with a double swing chair and two sun loungers on your very own porch, along with two sun loungers and a hammock on the beach in front of your bure. You get all of the usual activities on this island and we sampled two of the more interesting ones – snorkelling on an outer reef (I wasn’t overly impressed having seen the epitome of snorkelling at Navini Island in the Mamanucas, but seeing the guide touch the magic coral was great), and a trip to the mangroves. I thought the mangroves was going to be a yawn, but it’s actually very cool! They’re absolutely massive and they form a forest with pathways for the boats to go through.

A huge advantage for Toberua Island is it’s brilliant chef. Top notch food during a candlelit dinner on the beach, with the island band singing in the background is absolute paradise for me.

We spent two nights at Toberua and I was very sad to leave.

**You can rent the island out for only $6000 per night (when you split that up between 15 couples, it’s really not that expensive at all.


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