Corporate, but Still Fijian!

Thursday 23 February, 2012 – Suva, Fiji

We spent our last day in Suva, which I was quite excited about. For all I’d heard about Suva, I was expecting Nadi all over again – rubbish on the streets, a higher ratio of Indians and people living on the streets. Well, I was pleasantly surprised.. Suva is quite the little city. It’s clean due to prisoners taking care of the streets, government grounds, cemeteries etc. You can see them in their bright orange overalls.

We stopped to do a little shopping in Suva town before moving on to the Novotel. Shopping was definitely Nadi all over – Jacks, and Prouds… people being sucked into buying cannibal forks, little wooden men with oversized penises, and shell jewellery which you’ll shove at the back of your drawer when you get home and never wear it again.

The Novotel was beautiful – and interesting shaped hotel (it is actually on a lean towards the water), with a lovely kiwi owner and right on the water. It has a beautiful view. It would definitely be the perfect hotel to stay in for a couple of nights pre or post the islands.

Eastern Fiji – highly unexplored, and a huge lack of tourists… it definitely exceeds expectations.

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