Our Final Day in Hong Kong

Monday August 12th, 2013 – Hong Kong, China 

This morning I woke up hoping that the sore feet would be gone… nope! We packed up our room, said goodbye to the stunning view and then went to have our last amazing buffet breakfast – if you stay in Hong Kong, make sure you book a deal with bed and breakfast, the general cost of a buffet breakfast in Hong Kong (and lots of other Asian cities, such as Singapore) is about $40.00 NZD.
After breakfast, we caught the free bus from the hotel to Kowloon MTR Station.. I found this quite amazing – you can check your luggage in at the train station (there was no line whatsoever when I did this) and they will put it on the train and it will get transferred to your flight. You can then go away and do whatever you want for the day and then catch the train to the airport later on and not have to worry about your bag!

After checking my luggage in, we went up the ICC building to see the Ritz – we knew we wouldn’t be able to get into Ozone, the rooftop bar, but thought we’d double check…

Boats on Hong Kong Harbour

…although we couldn’t do this, seeing the Ritz was amazing… to say I felt out of place is an understatement, this hotel is beautiful. A lovely lady showed us around the restaurants. If you want romantic dining, this is where you should go.

After the Ritz, we had a quick look around the mall which is also in the ICC building, and did some last minute shopping before hopping on the train to the airport. Once I got on the plane (Air New Zealand) and took my fear of flying drugs again, I watched one movie and had my dinner and then for the first time in my travelling life, I fell asleep for about 7 hours. I guess it was a mixture of utter exhaustion and my drugs. Fantastic.

I loooooooved Hong Kong! Highly recommend a two or three day stopover if you are on your way to Europe, or anywhere else that transits in Hong Kong. It is nothing like Singapore (that was my expectation) in that the locals are very friendly, the food is a lot less Westernised. The shopping is great, the food is great, and there is so much to do. DO IT! 🙂

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