Our Last Day in Waikiki

Sunday May 11th, 2014 – United States of America

Today was our last day in Waikiki and I was pretty keen to head to Pearl Harbour for the morning… Sadly it is quite the drive and the risk of large queues, and so I turned out to be the only one keen to go. Instead we decided to split for the day – Lochie and Sara went off to wander around Waikiki, and Craig and I jumped on a Roberts Hawaii shuttle to Waikele Outlet Mall – $15 for a round ticket (not to be confused with a return ticket!!), you head off early (9.20am for us), it’s a 30 minute drive and you can choose to come back at 2, 3, 4, or 5pm. We went for 2pm, knowing that four hours would be pleeenty of time and that we’d definitely have sore feet by then!

A rather exotic name!

Once off the bus, we went straight for Maccas, as we hadn’t had brekkie and both woke up with hangovers. BEST chicken nuggets I’ve had in years!!! Probably came down to the fact that in the States they are still made from “white meats” and not chicken breast. The drink was just as they say… Medium combo = massive drink!

After that, we were all energised and ready for the shops! Four hours later I had bought some cute new Converse shoes, a top from CK, and a few Adidas gym pieces all for about $130.. Pretty stoked. Craig got lots too. We waited for the bus with a cone of massive, delicious chocolate coated strawberries.. SO GOOD!!!

Waikele haul 15.1399883802.expensy-sephora-haul

The ride back to the Sheraton took an hour, with traffic being really busy (regardless of it being Sunday and us travelling on a five lane freeway!!) and we got back at about 3 on the dot with full intentions of hitting the pool/beach, but ended up having a 90 minute nap until Sara and Lochie phoned our room to see what the plan was for dinner. I really wanted to start off with cocktails at Rum Fire, but sadly it is so popular that we were unable to get a table and decided on the Yard House instead… best decision ever! Two beers each (including honey, banana, and strawberry flavours), two plates of wings, one plate of ribs, two shared Macadamia Nut Cheesecakes (YUM), a quick drink at the Hard Rock Cafe, and a last minute dash to Sephora later and here I am in bed, about to sign off for the night ready for our 5.30am wake up tomorrow, to catch our flight to Hawaii Island!


Waikiki Best Bits:
*View from Sheraton Waikiki
*Germaine’s Luau – cheesy but fun
*Alamoana – not that cheap, but good variety
*Waikele – worth the ride out
*Pear and Gorgonzola – seems to be everywhere

*The Yard House – great food and massive beverage list

*Sephora – make up heaven!

Waikiki regrets:*Didn’t get to Pearl Harbour
*Didn’t swim in the sea
*Didn’t make it to the Cheesecake Factory (huge lines)
*Didn’t have a drink at Rum Fire
*Didn’t make it to Sweet E’s for brekkie – apparently very good
*Didn’t buy the t-shirt that said “meow chicka meow meow” and had a picture of two cats and a chicken.Overall I liked Waikiki, but it is a bit busy for me and I’m hoping Big Island is a bit more laid back and friendly – did not get the Aloha vibe in Waikiki at all. I’m also struggling with the tipping thing, but I’m sure I’ll be a pro by the end.
I recommend three full days in Waikiki – two isn’t quite enough.

Bring on part 2! xx

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