Discovering Waikiki

Saturday May 10th, 2014 – Oahu, United States of America

Waikiki View

Craig and I slept like a couple of very comfortable rocks after our big day, and woke up at 7.30am ready to get into it… Starting with opening our curtains and stepping out onto our lanai (balcony) to the most beautiful view of Waikiki on a sunny day. There had been talk of lots of rain, but fortunately it didn’t go that way today. UNfortunately, we failed (after walking for miles) to find somewhere cute for brekkie (other than the Hard Rock Cafe, which I quickly turned down), and ended up back at our hotel having the $30pp buffet…which was great, but pricey. After brekkie, we decided today might be the day to go and visit Pearl Harbour, until the concierge told us it would be a $50 taxi ride! So the decision was made to go to Alamoana instead (and the concierge got a tip for that… Not sure you tip the concierge for something like that?). I was very (sadly) excited to find Sephora and plan to pop back in tomorrow to grab a couple last wee things, along with H&M.

Sheraton Pool

After all the shopping, we spent the afternoon lazing in the infinity pool with cocktails. They have these really cool floating beanbag type things that you can sit on in the pool… Loved it! After pool time, it was time to hit the Luau. At the pick up point I was told I was a VIP, which I was certain meant I was going to be pulled up onstage and humiliated while trying to do the hula, but luckily it just meant premium seating (brilliant, because there were 500 people there, and it was first in first served based) and that we both got to take home our professional couple photos for free (usually $20). The Luau was very cheesy and very American, but pretty entertaining… There was even a Haka involved (which we patriotically cheered and clapped for – only New Zealanders there to cheer, it seemed). The food was what you would expect of an umu, lovo, or hangi etc.

Amazing View!

 Germaines Maori
After being dropped back to the hotel, we decided it was to early for bed (but still not willing to line up for Rum Fire) and so we went in search of a cool bar… And failed. We ended up (with a quick stop at some shops with hilarious t-shirts – “meow chicka meow meow”… I want it) at some cheeseburger place having second dinner and the worst “pink lemonade” of my life. We made the loooog walk home and I have clambered into bed in the dark (because I can’t figure out how to turn the lamps on) feeling pretty happy about day one! Looking forward to breakfast at Sweet E’s, and we’ll see where the day takes us (probably Waikele for more shopping, and Hooters for dinner). Night night! Xx

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