Arrive Derci Roma, and Bonsoir Paris!

Saturday October 11th 2014 – Paris, France

I only have one photo for you today, as it was a bit of a jumbled day – we got up early to visit St Peters – amazing for sure, but I think I still prefer St Paul’s in London… sometimes less is more, in my opinion.

We needed to be on our way to the airport by 2.30pm, and Jarrod and I had planned to do the hop on hop off bus, however there were some demonstrations on, which were blocking the streets, so we thought stuff it and just grabbed some food and went shopping instead – I came away with a couple of goodies. It was interesting though, the cabby (whose English wasn’t great) was loving chatting to us and he very firmly told me “Termini (the main train station), many gypsy (pick pockets)”. It turns out that he was absolutely right about this and I got to experience this first hand. As we lugged our suitcases through the underground and up an escalator, I got my balance all wrong and managed to topple over along with my suitcase..

Grazie Roma

Gave my knee a good bang, and it was suuuuper embarrassing! The next set I decided to take the stairs, and in doing this managed to slam my hand under the handle extension and lose Fiona and Jarrod  in the huge crowd… And this is when I was pick pocketed… Jokes on them though, as I was at least smart enough not to leave my money and passport in my backpack, and my debit card has no money on. They could have had my new Marley headphones or my iPad, so phew is the appropriate word here!

We arrived into Paris quite late and took a while to get into our apartment, so dinner was the first place we saw… which was very expensive! However, it’s not raining so that’s a bonus.

Hopefully tomorrow Jarrod will be able to see his best mate (it’s been 5 years!!).

Bonsoir xxxx

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