Veloce is the Italian word for FAST…

Thursday October 09 2014 – Rome, Italy

…and I just got out of the fastest taxi ride of my life. Fortunately because I’ve consumed 1x Aperol Spritz, 2x house red wine, and 2x limoncello shots, I found it all rather exciting… even though I couldn’t get my seatbelt on (Fiona said because it was already scared).We just came from a lovely last dinner at Trastevere (a popular entertainment and dining area). The waiters were hard case enough to give me a little card with their name on so that I could recommend them on Trip Advisor, while the owner was out on the street warning people off the restaurant next door and enticing them into his restaurant with free champagne.

Today we tried to fit in the last few attractions that were left (with the exception of St Peter’s, which we will do early tomorrow morning due to massive lines!), which included the Colosseum – breath taking, and rather saddening when you think about the thousands of gladiators/slaves that died there in it’s hey-day.


I can’t get over the size of it, it’s just huge! And the engineering that went into creating it – you can see some of the layers… Slabs, rocks, and then bricks. 70,000 people it held!

Getting to the Colosseum, we took Rome’s Metro – this works in a similar way to London’s Tube, but check out the photo below – it was also like this on the inside, which is a bit sad.

Second attraction was Circus Maximus, but unfortunately this was being set up for a concert (The Rolling Stones played here a couple of months ago). This took away from the imagination a bit, which was disappointing for Jarrod who knows a lot about its history (of course!).

One other attraction that we passed on our way home, but didn’t go into was Bocca Della Verita – The Mouth of Truth. This represents the river Tiber, and is a sculpture of a face with it’s mouth open.. They say if you put your hand in the mouth and tell a lie, it will bite your hand off. We didn’t go in as the line was decent, but I thought it was an interesting story and photo.

Tomorrow we will be doing a spot of shopping (I have already bought some pressies for the girls and a couple of Limoncello bottles (in cello bottles hah) after swinging by St Peters, and then we will be jumping on our plane to Paris. We are almost halfway through the trip already – it’s gone pretty fast!

Buona Notte xx

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