Ultimate Dubai

Saturday May 17th

One flight down and I’m currently in Sydney Airport (for three hours, but they have wifi and comfy seats – excellent!). So far I’m pretty impressed with the business class experience – there is heaps of room (especially for a shorty like me), a great big screen and a smaller iPad size screen, which I guess is for when you lie down flat.

I got the famous Moët on departure, which was lovely but I couldn’t drink it all before they had to whip it away for take off. The flight attendant looking after my aisle was lovely, but English wasn’t his first language so he took everything I said quite literally. For example, the man across the aisle from me (the seat next to me was empty) was laughing and laughing and laughing, and I was finding it very amusing. I saw the flight attendant walking towards me so I said to him “gosh I’d love to know what he’s watching!” laughing, well, he went over to the man, motioned for him to take off his headphones and said to him “what are you watching sir? The lady over here would like to know”

Bubbles on Departure

I was a little embarrassed, but needless to say I will be watching What we did on Holiday on my next flight!

I didn’t lie flat on this flight, as it was the afternoon and I didn’t want to sleep early and not be able to on the big flight, but I did push the bed button a little to recline and put the leg react up, and that was really cosy – spacious and comfortable.

I wasn’t that hungry, because Craig and I had been to the cafe at Raeward Fresh before he dropped me off, and I had a bagel. However, I just couldn’t bring myself to say no, so I had a chicken and rice dish, and a cheese platter to finish.

I watched a few episodes of 2 Broke Girls, and three hours was over quite quickly. I’m not going to lie, I felt a bit panicky on take off.. It wasn’t overly bumpy but I guess it just felt different because there was so much space and I’ve never been this far forward on the plane before. It is also my first time flying long haul on my own, so I’m feeling a wee bit nervy. I had a bit of a drama with my Ativan pills yesterday – I realised that they are banned in Dubai unless you have paperwork! Fortunately my Dr was open for three hours, and I was able to have them email me a letter. Phew.

Sydney Airport is great – comfy seats with ottomans, and free WiFi. I do wish I bought my headphones (I didn’t because I know the noise cancelling ones in business class are great) but I will just play online and read my book. I’m actually quite happy to be on land for a while.

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