The Top Deck of the Emirates A380

Sunday 17 May 2015

Well, there is quite a big difference between the business class on the Boeing and the Airbus – they’re both great, but the Airbus is wow! You have a side table with plenty of room for your things, a mini-bar with drinks inside, a tablet like the one on the Boeing, and the extra huge screen. I used the lie flat bad on the Airbus and it was awesome… I really felt good on arrival. The only thing I would say is that it needs a little screen so that if you’re sleeping towards the aisle, you’re not looking at your neighbour, but that is certainly no big deal!

The Airbus has on on-board bar, which you go up to at any time (there are seats with belts) and socialise with a drink. I chatted with the staff there for quite a while; they were all lovely and interesting – they were particularly excited that I will be staying at the famous Burj Al Arab.

The service on-board was friendly, professional and helpful from start to end. The food I can’t really comment on because I went for light options as I was feeling full, but the fruit was very fresh and the options on the menu sounded amazing… For example lamb rack with jus.
I look forward to seeing if it compares on the way home, as I will be in the Boeing right through.

It’s amazing how fast everything is through business, you skip so many lines and disembark so quickly. If I could justify the money, I would take this option every time.

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