Adios, Buenos Aires 

Friday 13 2016, Buenos Aires – Argentina 

Our last day in Buenos Aires! It’s gone fast but it also feels like we’ve been away for ages. For our last day we had a free day and decided we wanted to explore outside of the normal areas that tourists frequent. We asked our guide, and he drew us a map and told us how to get to SOHO, which is in Palermo where we stayed on the first three nights. I always think it is great to understand the public transport system in a big city, so instead of grabbing a cab (which would be reasonably cheap as well), we figured out how to use the subway. It was a bit of a mission to get a card and load it – the counter in the subway didn’t sell them, and they couldn’t speak any English – they just pointed upwards, as if to say that we had to go back up to the street. We weren’t sure where to go from there but luckily we came across a Tourist Info Box and they pointed us in the right direction to a building that looked like some something much more official than a subway ticketing office – we walked in and there were guards who pointed us downstairs to a dark room where we took a numbered ticket to wait to be served. The girl on the counter was lovely though, she spoke English and was very helpful. Once that was sorted the rest of the journey was easy – just the usual process of following the line. 

On our way out to SOHO, we stopped on the street that I was robbed on and headed into the permanent antique markets (which is what San Telmo is known for), and had a look around – it was very interesting. I bought a small bag to replace my stolen one. Then we went down Florida Street (lots of the main roads are named after countries or states, which makes getting around much easier). 

We stopped at a couple of Starbucks along our way, partly to use their bathrooms and partly to get coffee that wasn’t completely bitter. It was fun to see how they would spell my name each time – the second was the best… It definitely helped to pronounce my name the South American way – Lau (like aloud) rrra. 

We got to SOHO in about 5 or 6 stops, and walked for maybe a KM down the road to get to Serrano Square, which was a cute and colourful square surrounded in restaurants with rooftop terraces. We had some late lunch and it was dark before we headed back to the hotel ready for our transfer to the airport. We have a midnight flight tonight, so hopefully that will help with the jet lag, arriving into Christchurch at 8.15am tomorrow. 

We are currently sitting at the bar in the hotel waiting for our transfer, and I’m having my last authentic experience – a drink of Fernet (which is actually Italian, but widely consumed here). 

Thank you to everyone who organised this trip and made it the time of our lives. 
Until next time 😊❤️

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