Day 2 – The Journey to Paradise 

Thursday 06 April 2017 – Siem Reap, Cambodia 

It didn’t take long to get into honeymoon mode, waking up naturally at 9am says it all (waking up naturally is the best, don’t you think?!). We casually packed up our things, and popped downstairs for breakfast prior to our airport transfer – the same lovely lady was serving us, and seemed genuinely disappointed that we were leaving… must’ve been all of Craig’s flirtatious teasing, which he then did with the taxi driver too, though he didn’t quite get the joke when Craig said he was friends, and had played golf with, Obama. The poor guy was SO excited, I’m sure he went away and told all his friends about the VIP he had just driven to the airport. 

We got to Changi a couple of hours before our flight, which is no problem at all in that airport.. it really is awesome! We went and bought some Gin and Baileys (some of you will know what I mean when I say Tom Collins is coming out to play on this holiday ;-D), and then went to the Entertainment Deck, firstly to take some model-quality pictures on the Sunflower Deck (helping the bees – how cool is that?!) and then to play on the Kinect hehe… so much fun! I also had a go with these highly attractive eye massage masks… amazing stuff and only $200. I didn’t buy them, but it was cool to try out! 

We flew Silk Air, which is Singapore Airlines’ regional airline, and they were great – full service… hot meal, French red wine, well spoken and informative staff. I had quite a lot of anxiety during take off… I think because Changi is sooo busy, they have to gain a drop altitude often, until they are clear of the other air traffic…I knew this was the case, but I still really really struggled. I was pleased when the two hour flight was over. What followed offer that though, was the most hilarious visa and passport control process I have ever seen! Basically, you line up to hand your passport, visa application, and USD $30 over to the first man, and then it gets passed down a chain of about ten other people, and then in no particular order, they look at the photos and literally throw your passport at you. A whole hour this took. They were all fascinated by our black passports… maybe they don’t get that many Kiwis through. 

Once that was done and dusted, we jumped in our transfer van (ohhhh the aircon!! I’m forever complaining about the aircon at work, but right now I can’t get enough of it).

On arrival at Phum Baitang, the sun was going down and a thunder storm had started up, but it certainly didn’t take away from this breathtaking resort, where Brad and Angelina stayed whilst filming First They Killed My Father (which I am going to be watching as soon as I get home) – I assume they chose it for the fact it is so Eco friendly… I think she’s right into that sort of thing, isn’t she! 

The gorgeous staff had done our beautiful room up with honeymoon welcome gifts – a lotus bouquet, little treats made from the rice paddies on site, champagne, and a cake. Soooo lovely!! 

Because it was raining and thundering, and we had the temples booked for the following day, we snuggled up and watched a BBC doco about the discovery of Angkor Wat and how they are mapping everything – seriously interesting stuff! Google Lidar… mind blowing! 

Instead of calling the buggy to pick us up for dinner, we decided to walk in the dark… the sound of the frogs in the rice paddies was deafening. Won’t be doing that again, but it was certainly interesting! As another wee treat, our first dinner was on the house – we decided we’re going to renew our vows every time we go on holiday, because this treatment is the BEST! 

It was good to get an early night in, before our 4.30am start to see the temples. 

So far sooooo good ❤️❤️❤️

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