Day 6 – Craig’s got an admirer

Monday 10 April 2017 – Siem Reap, Cambodia 

Well, yesterday’s 4WD adventure didn’t go so well – the tour company didn’t show up. We gave up waiting after sitting there all hot and sweaty for 40 minutes, and ended up just having a really chilled out kind of day, although it didn’t end so nicely… Craig got a touch of heat stroke (we think) and ended up in bed by 4pm… we haven’t even been sitting in the sun, but apparently it was 39 degrees yesterday, and felt like 46! 

Today was pretty chilled again, but we did have the Phare Cambodian Circus booked in, so we grabbed a Tuk Tuk (which are slightly different here than in Thailand, being a cart towed by a motorbike, rather than a sort of mini truck) and went into Siem Reap town to have some dinner first. We took the advice of the hotel on where to go, which was a mistake as they sent us somewhere too nice to have any atmosphere… but the food was nice enough, and we got a bit of a giggle out of the fact they were playing the Game of Thrones theme for music. 

Then we headed to the Phare Circus. Well, it blew. my. mind. It is set up in a big top (which I was surprised about.. its pretty hot, but they provide you with fans), and we were in the front row. It’s made up of Cambodian youth who have come from poverty, and it gives back to the community in lots of ways (you can buy art etc). 

The circus performers are talented acrobats, contortionists, actors, and other things – they climbed tall poles, did amazing flips, jumped ropes of fire (admittedly, I felt rather overwhelmed by the smell of av gas at this point), and made everyone laugh – one in particular, who is made up to be the fool, took a particular interest in Craig – winking at him, giving me the evil eye, sitting on his lap and kissing him even. It was quite hilarious. The guy reminded me of Daffyd Thomas, from Little Britain. 

The only tricky thing is that it’s really hard to find your tuk tuk driver afterwards, among all of the others.. we were worried we had lost ours after he’d been driving us around all night, and we’d not paid him yet. We found him after waiting for most of the others to leave. 

But overall, a really great experience and I highly recommend going. 


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