An Early Start to Finish our Trip

Saturday 23 May, 2010 – Sydney, Australia

Getting up early suuuuuuuuucks. Especially when it’s to go to the airport on your way back to reality.
I didn’t bother having a shower and we couldn’t be bothered training either, so we grabbed another taxi…which I had to tell to turn around a couple of streets down the road, because I had left my makeup bag behind (typical me – different hair colour but still a blonde at heart). So I hobbled back into the hotel feeling like an idiot, and dashed upstairs and back down. We made it on time fortunately.

I got tested for explosives at Sydney Airport! How exciting. They took samples from my skin. Not so exciting was the selection for breakfast once you’re through customs. I had a fruit salad which cost $8.50 and tasted like crap. I did get excited for changing my bond money back to NZD though.

The flight was good – we got an emergency exit row free, which is good for Anton’s super long legs. I was glad to get home.

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