Devonport and Navy Boys

Friday 10 September, 2010 – Auckland, New Zealand

Tonight after work I flew up to Auckland, where I had arranged to stay with my good friend Dana, and her fiancé Marc, before flying to Melbourne tomorrow afternoon.

Dana picked me up from the ‘Birdport’ and we decided to go out for a drink before heading over to Devonport to visit my friend Grant (who never seems to be in Auckland when I am there, so I leaped at the opportunity). We got a wine in a swanky wee place near Britomart and people-watched.

Grant showed us around his gorgeous flat which has an amaaazing view of the harbour.


. Unfortunately the ferry back to Auckland finishes up quite early, so we left after an hour and a half. On the ferry back we met a couple of fairly good looking brown Navy boys, one of whom had a stain on his shirt , and who decided we really needed to see his bruised toe. Entertaining, to say the least.

Home to bed, where Marc had put a hot water bottle for me. What a man 🙂

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