Kettle Bells!

Saturday 11 September, 2010 – Auckland, New Zealand and Melbourne Australia

This morning Marc, Dana and I went to Mission Bay for breakfast. Marc wasn’t overly pleased with the service after waiting 17 minutes after asking for a piece of toast. After breakfast, we went back to their place where Marc put about 7 gig of Punk Rock on my ipod….I’m always keen to try something new ;-). We then went to the gym where Marc is a PT, and did a kettle bell work out. After that (and as I told Marc), I am walking like a crippled 90 year old.

Dana took me back to the Birdport (with a quick stop at On the Spot to get some Toffee Pops, Cookie Time, and Bluebird chips for Britt (kiwi food that you can’t find in Australia) and I checked in for my Emirates flight to Melbourne.

I loooove Emirates…minus the fact that all the announcements are first made in Arabic (but I suppose that makes sense!). Great selection of movies and music AND FOOD! I thought it was quite appropriate when we were landing that Airplanes by B.O.B was playing on my ipod, and the roof of the plane was covered in little sparkly stars

Emirates 777

Getting to Britt was a bit of an issue once I realised that my cellphone didn’t work in Aussie… I frantically tried to find a pay phone that worked, and using my $4 in coins, I called Britt’s cellphone and she waited for me at Southern Cross Station, where the Skybus drops you off.After I met Britt, we caught the tram to Fitzroy, where she lives. We got some Greek for dinner and sat talking before going to a funky bar for a french martini (YUM). Britt’s house by the way, is absolutely amazing. Like something out of a movie – loft style.


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