Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

Monday 13 September, 2010- Melbourne, Australia

Day one by myself in the big city!!!

This morning Britt and I went to get a coffee before she went off to work. There are lots of cute wee alleyways filled with boutique looking cafes. Crazy fact about Aussie cafes: people don’t really use eftpos here, so most of the cafes are cash only! We tried checking me into the hotel first, and apparently you have to pay your full stay’s amount plus a $100 bond on arrival….regardless of my providing a credit card guarantee at the time of making the booking. What’s the point in settling your account when you leave.

Anywho, after Britty left I did a bit of shopping, and then realised that I was shopping in shops that we have in Christchurch… ridiculous. Then I went and got my haircut for $67.00 AUD!!!!!! Was right in the city though, I guess. I got a fringe… it looks quite good. You constantly feel like you have no style in this city – everybody here seems to be so fashionable.

Hair down

I bought a couple of books, one was Sleeping Around, which is a book about couch surfing sounds like a really cool thing to do…I wonder how safe it is. I went back to my hotel and read that for a while before trying out the gym, and Marc’s kettlebell workout. Grabbed some dinner (got hit on by an Indian at Subway). Bed.


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