Europe in Three Weeks – 8.5 Hours Transit in Sydney

Thursday 02 October 2014 – Sydney, Australia

A beautiful, sunny day in Sydney after a nice an easy flight out of Christchurch! The trip was off to a good start! First things first, after dragging ourselves out of bed at 3.30am, to track down the best coffee in Sydney… And find it we did, thanks to Fiona’s partner Paul’s passion for good coffee and knowing where to get it.. In Sydney this is Workshop Espresso! Great coffee, and hands down the best pain au chocolat I’ve ever had.
It was a pretty chilled out day really – we went to Paddy’s Marrkets to buy some socks (yep, sounds random but it turns out I’ve gone all my life without knowing that socks with extra padding and support in the arch existed – apparently these are a must for all the walking we’ll be doing over the next three weeks), had a bit of a lie down at Circular Quay, and finished the day at the coolest wee Thai restaurant (another of Paul’s recommendations) Chinta Ria, in Darling Harbour… Although it is right next to foot and vehicle traffic, it’s in its own wee hidden nest of greenery, and has a really funky, colourful setup. My Nasi Goreng was pretty darn good too.

I had been looking forward to checking out the A380 (when I say looking forward too, I mean in that creepy obsessed way that someone who is scared of flying does), and I was pleasantly surprised – on both the 14 hour flight Sydney to Dubai, and the 6.5 hour flight Dubai to London, the flight was as smooth as Will Smith. One happy camper so far!

P.S – If you’re wondering what’s up with Buzz Lightyear, it’s become a bit of a tradition at my work for everyone to take Buzz away on their travels and get photos. He is definitely the most well travelled in the office!

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