You alright, London?

Friday 03 October 2014 – London, United Kingdom

Heathrow was so foggy at 7am this morning that I didn’t even realise we were landing until we had! Immigration took a life time, and we got the absolute third degree from some charming young lady, however this meant our bags were ready for us once we got out there. Straight on the Heathrow Express into Charing Cross, which is where we are staying… A fantastic location. London is so beautiful, I’m just blown away (I think I was imagining it to be dark and dirty, but the architecture is beautiful and clean – turns out they cleaned it all a couple of decades back). By lunch time we had done Trafalgar Square, Parliament and Westminister Abbey (inside and out.. I can’t imagine how crazy-nervous Kate must’ve felt getting married here… I felt nervous just casually walking around).

I’m not going to lie, regardless of my newly acquired orthotics, my feet were already killing me by this stage, and the jet lag starting to kick in too… Which is so annoying when you want so badly to explore an exciting new city! However, we went for a quick drink at Covent Garden (which was really quite hard as most places seem to require that you eat to be allowed alcohol), and then nipped over to the cutest little Lebanese restaurant called Yalla Yalla, which was delicious! My eyes are so heavy, and it’s just on ten to 7pm, so I’m going to try to call home and then it’s bed for me, ready for a big day tomorrow.

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