How do you do, Lizzie?

Saturday 04 October – London, United Kingdom

Well, today it pissed down in London. We did get to give a chestnut to a squirrel in Hyde Park and pop by Lizzie’s humble abode first, but then it bucketed … Were Jarrod and I prepared for this, clothing wise? No sir! However, we wound our way through a couple of tube lines and lined up in the weather for tickets into the Tower of London. Regardless of the freezing cold, I reallllly enjoyed this – maybe because of that movie about the Boleyns, but probably because of the hilarious yeoman who gave us the rundown before our self guided tour… I was really impressed with their humour! It wasn’t cheesy at all, which I think is pretty hard to accomplish when you’re repeating the same info day in and day out.

After the Tower, we boosted it to St. Paul’s, which is very beautiful and I feel like a lot more work has gone into it, as opposed to Westminster, but then I reckon there is something more magical about Westminster (architecturally I mean, I don’t have a religious opinion).

Lizzy's house

Surprisingly, all of the above took us through to 4pm when we went home (and I iced my feet for the following 20 mins) before heading to Harrods, to see it in all it’s lit-up glory… Wow that place on a Saturday night is intimidating.. sadly I’m not a very good shopper (I swear I was going to buy something, regardless of the ridic prices) with other people waiting on me, so we sort of left there quite fast and then the same thing with a quick look into Topshop.

Fiona had a couple of recommended restaurants in mind for dinner, but sadly if you have no reservation on a Saturday night, you’re shit out of luck amigo! We settled on a little “Japanese” restaurant which was interesting.. We had the pleasure of watching a very awkward first date going on in front of us, as well as the one waiter (who was sweating and had food stains on his shirt, but was very pleasant nonetheless) stomp quickly up and down the stairs, as he struggled to keep up with the demand. The food was average, but it hit the spot.

The evening ended on a particularly high note with a wee shopping trip to Tesco, where I got a bargain for £3 (see pic), and here I am sitting with my Rolo, while writing this out listening to some Bob Marley wannabe singing not far from our wee house (with a drunken crowd singing along).

Now it’s off to bed (Jarrod is already passed out), hopefully tomorrow brings more successful shopping, and a hop on hop off tour).

See you tomorrow night!

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