Visiting Kate, Wills and George – our last day in London

Sunday October 5th 2014 – London, United Kingdom

I woke up super early today, after getting not much sleep last night, but I wasn’t tired… I guess the time difference is still messing with me!

We jumped on the tube to Hyde Park this morning, to walk through to Kensington Palace. I absolutely loveeee Hyde Park – the squirrels, swans, geese, pigeons, 10 million dogs, and great people watching. We stopped at a cute cafe overlooking a lake/pond, which was lovely apart from the awful coffee (Paul would not be impressed!) – so funny watching all the dogs running in and out of the cafe, playing. After this, we went to visit Prince Albert’s memorial which, to me, looks like a Thai Buddhist Shrine (see photo), it’s beautiful. I love the story of Albert and Victoria… So sad that he died so young. Next stop was the palace, which I think is gorgeous and much nicer than BP (sorry Lizzy!), plus it’s open for visitors – we didn’t do the tour, but I went into the shop and bought a couple of things…

…their WiFi cracked me up (Palace Free WiFi).

From KP we walked back to Oxford and Regent Streets, where I did some damage at Anthropologie and Asics (I know, but my feet are so bad… I needed new shoes), then it was back home via Carnaby Street (so many shops I would LOVE to explore here, if only we had more time – Illamasqua, Benefit, MUS), which I thought would be a cool place to spend more time in – quite Sol Squareish, but better. We also stopped at the Half Price Ticket Booth and got tickets to Ghost Stories…. More about that later!

Jarrod and I had planned to do a Hop on Hop off bus since we arrived, and so we went off to do this (Fiona wasn’t keen on this, so it was just us). It was amazing! I highly recommend to everyone coming here, and do it relatively early in your stay. We learned heaps of cool facts, and it was fun being on the upper deck.

Hop on Hop Off

For the evening, we went to see Ghost Stories, which was our pick because it was Sunday and there doesn’t tend to be much on (except for The Lion King, but that was quite expensive). Ghost Stories was SO scary! I’m not kidding, I had to look away from the stage multiple times. Very clever writing, and well done though.

Bit of a fluke shot!!

Dinner was at a recommended Sichuan Chinese restaurant – we were the only non-Chinese there, which I guess is a good sign for authenticity. It was a really funny little building… Tiny rooms on multiple levels. First they put us in the basement, but then for some unknown reason, they moved us up a floor.
As with most Chinese restaurants, there were plenty of political pictures on the wall, and these ones were really cool. Fiona had Pig Ear Salad… I wasn’t feeling that adventurous, and went for a hot beef dish (which was supposed to be very hot, and wasn’t really.. but very flavoursome!) The Tsing Tao beer has given me a bit of a headache… A hangover even, which we learnt about on the HOHO – apparently the term ‘hangover’ comes from back in the days of public hangings; you would bring along your family and friends, and a few too many beers. When you were too drunk they would throw you put, and the hanging would be over.It’s off to bed now, ready for an early start to drop out luggage into storage, meet my friend up The Shard for brekkie, before we head to Rome.See you tomorrow! Xx

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