Arrivederci London, Ciao Roma!

Monday 06 October 2014 – Rome, Italy

I was quite sad to leave London! There’s so many interesting things to see and do, but we did manage to squeeze a couple more things in before going.

This morning we went and met my friend, Jude (who moved to London on the same day we arrived), at The Shard for breakfast. The restaurant was called Aqua Shard, and was on the 32nd floor (you can go right up to floor 70, but it’s about £30!!). The breakfast was five star, and beautiful! I know it’s a no-no to post pictures of food, but I have anyway! The view, even from floor 32, was beautiful… And there is even a view from the beautiful toilets.

Breakfast at Aqua Shard

After this, we went to The Clink, which apparently is more authentic than the London Dungeon. It was very interesting and slightly disturbing – people who went to the clink had to pay for their stay, and if they arrived with no money, they would go straight to the hole (basically a manhole in the ground) and this would fill up with water from the Thames, which at the time was a sewer; these lucky people got a number of disgusting diseases. There were lots of descriptions of different punishments too. I am so glad we live in a more civilised world these days!

We only had a couple of hours to kill before the airport after this, so we walked back through the Borough Markets (where Jarrod and I picked up some of the most delicious Turkish delight I’ve ever had), and took the tube to Camden Town (where Amy Winehouse lived and died) to see the markets. It was bucketing down. We looked through a few t-shirt stands, and then I just had to get out of the rain so Jarrod and I decided to try the café we’ve been seeing everywhere – Pret A Manger…. I’d love to know how many of these there are in London.

To get to Gatwick, we had to get on the train and I swear we were the only non-Italians on-board. I had a cute wee girl sitting behind me (Viola), who wanted to test her English skills on me… “Hello” “bye bye” “good morning”. Super cute!!

We arrived into Fiumincino airport at 8.30pm and it somehow took two hours to transfer to our little house in Rome, and it was suuuuper hot, but we made it and I’m looking forward to exploring!!

See you soon xx

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