Devastazione – The Trevi Fountain is under construction

Tuesday October 07 2014 – Rome, Italy

What a magnifico day in Roma today! 27 degrees and perfectly sunny with blue skies… A great way to start our adventure in one of the oldest cities in the world! Jarrod knows soooo much about the history of this place, we almost don’t need to do a hop on hop off here… I am just baffled as to how he knows all this stuff!!

We covered quite a lot of ground today – Piazza Del Popolo, which is a steep climb, but a lovely view over Rome. The next stop was the Spanish Steps, which was very crowded and unfortunately the church at the top was under construction and had that shrink wrap on that they put pictures of the building on (but more like a cartoon, so you don’t really get the gist of it). The Pantheon was next on the list, and that was one that I was quite in awe of… I guess because it’s one that I’ve always seen it in pictures (Jarrods Roman books he had as a kid haha), and just knowing it is over 2000 years old and being able to see all of the original construction at the top of the arches.

Trevi Fountain was sadly more than under construction- it had the shrink wrap all over, but there was also no water… I’m so gutted, as this was something I was really looking forward to, but never mind, I will just have to come back!!On the way to lunch we stopped for amazing coffee and gelato.. Neither of these items will ever be the same again.

Lunch was at a wee restaurant in Piazza Novana, which is a great people watching area – we tried to go into one of the churches, but Fiona and I didn’t have our shoulders covered, so were asked to leave. The pizza at this restaurant was awesome… simple with a thin crust, but really good. I felt like I didn’t come out of our Italian class with much knowledge, but it’s actually been really helpful so far… It’s been relatively easy to order food without using English, and understanding prices and things too. I had some idiot dressed in a legionary costume yell out “hey Barbie, where you from?” after I said no to paying for a photo with him, and I think he was genuinely surprised when I responded in Italian (or maybe he was being sarcastic… It’s hard to tell).

Something that hat has been cracking me up, is that the same guy selling roses for €1 (although this seems to change depending on the area) seems to keep finding us!! I’ve been telling him “no, this is my brother”, but then he just offers us some lighters… because clearly if you don’t want a rose, you must want a lighter!.

Piazza del popolo


Dinner tonight blew my mind. As usual, Fiona had somewhere highly recommended in mind, so we went to this little place (which happened to be directly across from our apartment), and ordered 3 anti pasti (I had prosciutto and melon, which was amazing… I’ve never had proper prosciutto before!!), 3 pastas, a litre of the house red wine, and 5 limoncello shots, and this came to a total of €70… Wow!!! And everything was delicious!

Limoncello shots

Now we’re off to bed, ready to do it again tomorrow – Vatican and The Forum.. Jarrod is very excited and I’m now armed with a geekish amount of knowledge before going.

Buona Notte, see you tomorrow!!

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