NO, grazie!!!!

Tuesday 07 October 2014 – Rome, Italy

This seems to be 90% of our vocab at the moment… The men with the roses (we were approached with these 3 times tonight at dinner), the selfie sticks, restauranteurs, and people selling Vatican tours. They are all very polite when you turn them down though.. most say have a good day, one even told Jarrod that his tattoo was beautiful.
We’ve come across one extremely persistent one (bordering on aggressive), and this was a Legionary at The Forum – he forced his wee hat on me, kissed me on both cheeks and just wouldn’t take ‘no grazie’ for an answer… fortunately it was only €5 for both Jarrod and I, and he was quite funny with his ‘ciao bello’ to Jarrod, and pointing his wooden sword at Jarrod’s man parts.

We went to Vatican City this morning… There wasn’t much of a line, which was nice, but we still boosted it to the Sistene Chapel, just in case. Fortunately this time I remembered some cover for my shoulders and was allowed in. It is sooo beautiful, again I found it hard to comprehend it’s age (and also that it was done by one man with a very tiny paintbrush), however it us undoubtedly the most stunning part of the Vatican (and there are lots of amazing ceiling and wall art). Sadly my feet weren’t coping so well today, and I was really relieved when it was time to depart (there are so many people, and it is so hot!).

From the Vatican, we walked on to The Forum… This absolutely took my breath away! In no way was I expecting these ruins to be so in tact, and so easy to imagine what they must have been in their glory days, 2.5 thousand years ago!!! The area is massive, and we didn’t get to cover it all today, as there was a bit of a drama with our accommodation. Between the Vatican and the forum, we went back to our apartment to drop off a pressie I bought, and while we were there (lucky we were!) a cleaning team barged in the door. We were meant to depart this apartment today (we were temporarily upgraded), but had been told not until 5.30pm. As we were leaving to head to the Forum, I chucked everything in my suitcase and locked it up (I never trust cleaners). Lucky this was the case, as while we were out, Fiona got a message saying they had moved all our stuff to the other apartment and they urgently needed the keys back, so from the forum we had to jump in a cab (which I was super relieved about, because after 7 hours walking, I was in absolute agony), and make sure they hadn’t forgotten anything (Jarrod hadn’t packed, so they would have had to pick up all of his bits and pieces. Fortunately it all worked out eventually, and we’re now in our downgraded apartment, which I actually prefer – it’s super cute!!

The Forum

For dinner tonight, I tried a real Italian lasagne, thinking there would be a big difference… There wasn’t really, it was just fresher and more flavoursome. Fiona introduced us to an Ttalian beverage called an Aperol Spritz… I’m absolutely hooked, and feel that I will track this down to make back home… We’ve been having them each night! Yum!

Well, I’m off to bed… Tomorrow will be another big day with the Colosseum and Circus Maximus, but for now here is a fun fact, courtesy of Jarrod… The term ‘vandalism’ comes from
Ancient Germanic people who sacked Rome, called Vandals. Night night xx

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