All Good Things Come to and End

Saturday October 18th, 2014 – New York, United States of America

We woke up to cooler weather this morning – overcast and chillier… even called for a scarf.

We started the day by catching the subway to Union Square and grabbing some morning tea at a very cool bakery – City Bakery (not a very cool name though). Luckily it’s Saturday, as during the week the lines are apparently down the street. They do an amazing hot chocolate here made of real chocolate… Very rich (and my decision to get a chocolate croissant with it wasn’t a very good one), but delicious.

From Union Square we walked down to the 9/11 Memorial – it was quite an emotional feeling. I was only 12 at the time, but I’ll never forget waking up and seeing the front page of the Southland Times. The memorials are quite beautiful – it was an international competition for which people could send in their ideas

9/11 Memorial - North Pool

…The new towers are quite impressive too.

From there we went to the financial district (Wall Street – didn’t see Leo or Matthew), where there seemed to be some kind of illegal skateboardathon going on, and hundreds of them whizzed past us (nearly knocking us over).

Next up, the Staten Island Ferry – this is a great option to see Lady Liberty for free (saving $30 which you would pay to do the Circleline Tour). It gets reasonably close, and is a 25 minute journey each way.


A quick look through China Town – this is meant to be a good one, but from what could see Melbourne does it a lot better. Maybe it’s better at night. Little Italy is quite cute.

We stopped by Times Square to get some pics in the dark (when it is most impressive), and I got a picture with Woody from Toy Story, while holding Buzz Lightyear from our office. We then went and had our last meal out at a gorgeous wee Brazilian restaurant – their food was just beautiful, and the service was top-notch, our wee man was hilarious and lovely – like most Brazilian people I know.


Tomorrow we will finish off by walking the High Line, before we head to the airport for our 26 hour journey home :S

It’s been lots of fun getting a taste of four of the worlds top cities… I think Rome wins top place for me – beautiful people, delicious food, culture, warmth, reasonably cheap. But I have loved each city for different reasons, and I’d go back to any of them any day.

Thanks for reading – I have hit my all time high in visitor numbers, so I’m really thrilled.

Until next time! Laus xxx

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